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Accommodation in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country to visit and choosing accommodation options in Kenya offers travelers many different possibilities. Whether visiting the country to go on safari or simply visit one of its many UNESCO world heritage sites, choosing the right place to stay for a trip can have a big effect on how enjoyable it is.

Having a clear idea of how to choose the best accommodation for your needs is a great place to start the planning process for an East African adventure. To make this all a little easier, this article will provide a guide on what kind of places to stay you’ll find in the country and when you’ll most likely encounter these popular accommodation options Kenya.

Where to Stay in Kenya

Kenya offers tourists lots of different types of accommodation. This is available for many different kinds of trips and for different travel budgets. Depending on the type of holiday you’re embarking on you may find yourself spending the night at one or two of the following overnight options:


Camping is a highly popular and cheap way to explore Kenya while getting up close and personal to its natural environment and landscape. This is, of course, a very common overnight accommodation used on safaris deep into one of the country’s many national parks like Masai Mara National Reserve.

However, those wishing to go it alone trekking can pitch a tent in the wilderness quite easily. There are many campgrounds found commonly in the wildlife reserves and national parks that explorers can make use of. These often have onsite amenities and protection from some of the natural dangers. However, as always, visitors should remember to minimize their environmental impact as much as possible and remember to respect the local wildlife.

Tented Camps

For tourists exploring mid-range to premium options of where to stay in Kenya for safaris, tented camps offer a more substantial and comfortable option for those looking for creature comforts en-route. These luxury camps are usually found in prime locations for viewing the national wildlife and offer some spectacular vistas of the country.

The tents on-site often come fully furnished with beds and occasionally with full working plumbing, private bathrooms and flushing toilets. There is also usually a restaurant or bar available in the camp for visitors to relax in comfort and style.


Another mainstay of safari accommodation in Kenya are the many lodges found around the country. This is the equivalent of spending a night in a quality hotel far into the natural wilderness.

These resort-like sites offer many luxuries such as bars, lounges, and even swimming pools. Most lodges are usually designed using local materials and are very often bedecked with beautiful local art.


Whilst on safari it is more common to spend a night in a lodge, campsite or tented camp, hotels are still your best option if you’re staying in urban Kenya. This is an especially good option for visitors looking for somewhere to stay in Nairobi.

The quality of hotels in cities around the country varies depending on budgets and available amenities. For people looking to travel on a tight budget, there are numerous youth hostels, whilst those looking for a luxury experience can choose from many big brand luxury and 5 star hotels in the bigger more popular cities.

Rental Homes and Apartments

Those looking for a more private abode during a trip to the country can easily choose from one of the rental homes found around the country. These can vary from old fashioned Swahili houses in the northern regions to refined colonial mansions, depending on your travel budget.

Nowadays much of the private rental accommodation in Kenya can be found on homeshare and room rental websites like Airbnb. However, aside from the online options, it is still possible to find good places by word of mouth and public noticeboards in cities like Nairobi.


For people who wish to really learn what Kenyan life is like, a homestay is the best option. These are normally arranged through travel companies and allow intrepid explorers to the country to experience the life of a local.

The types of available homestays vary. For many visitors, it functions as a cultural exchange, allowing visitors to experience the life of a local family or individual by living amongst them for a number of days. In many cases, these follow a set cultural program, set by a travel or tourism agency.

However, luxury homestays also exist on farms, private reserves, and sanctuaries. These are usually less structured and allow visitors more freedom over their daily plans.

The Cost of Accommodation in Kenya

Overall Kenya has accommodation options for all budgets. It’s possible to experience the highest levels of luxury if your wallet allows or alternatively live cheaply for just dollars a day if you’re traveling on a shoestring. What ultimately matters is what you want to see and do and how comfortably you want to spend your time in the country.

For example, if you’re looking for accommodation in Lake Bogoria Kenya, it’s easy to find both budget prices (about $24 a night per person) and premium-priced dwellings ($250+ per night). On the other hand in other locations prices can be much cheaper, with some budget rooms going for as little as $10 a night per person in coastal regions.

Whether you’re just looking for the basics as far as accommodation goes or a luxury experience during your stay in Kenya, the country certainly offers a lot to choose from. Kenya is quite rightfully one of East Africa’s best destinations for tourists and the variety of places to stay certainly reflects that.

Whatever type of accommodation best fits your trip, it’s always important to assess and plan the kind of experience you wish to enjoy in the country. Before you leave, don’t forget to come fully equipped with the right travel essentials for Kenya and a fully authorized Kenya eVisa.

To apply online today, simply fill in the application form, submit the required ID documents and pay a fee to obtain a valid visa in under 5 days. Once approved, your Kenya visa will be sent directly to your inbox where it can be printed off ready for presentation on arrival into the country.