How to Check Your Kenya Visa Status Online

Receiving and checking your Kenya visa status online is a simple and straightforward process. It requires very few steps on the part of the applicant and doesn’t necessitate a further submission of information or contact details beyond the initial application.

Once your Kenya e visa application has been completed and your document information submitted you will receive all further status updates directly to your email inbox. A Kenya visa status check isn’t necessary as you will normally receive additional correspondence via email within 24-72 hours of submission with the result of your application attached.

Visa applicants will receive all information, updates, and their notification of visa confirmation via the email address provided in the application form. Hence, it is essential that all applicants provide a valid email address to which they have access and can therefore receive the final visa confirmation for Kenya.

Providing your email address correctly will ensure a quick and easy return of your completed and approved visa, so that you’re ready for travel. If however, you’ve made a mistake on your email address this could delay or prevent the receipt of your visa. Please take as much care as possible to provide the right email address with no errors when you complete your application form.

Once your finalized visa has been approved, the Kenya visa status and visa document will be emailed to you. In this email you will also receive a full notification of whether the visa has been approved or declined by the Kenyan immigration authorities. The visa will be attached to the email and visa applicants will be expected to print out their eVisa ready for presentation at border control in Kenya.

Please be aware that you cannot present the visa on a mobile phone or digital device as this will not be accepted by Kenyan immigration and will prevent you from being able to enter the country. It is absolutely essential that the document containing your approved visa must be printed on paper for submission on arrival or you will not be permitted entry into Kenya.

If 72 hours have passed since your completed application was submitted and you haven’t received any updates or notifications about your visa application or you cannot find the email with your Kenya visa always be sure to check your inbox’s spam folder. If you have not received any correspondence after 72 hours please contact our helpdesk for more information.