What is the Proof of Travel for the Kenyan e-Visa?

Applying for a Kenya eVisa is quick and easy. It is important to complete the steps in the correct order and have all the requirements at hand.

When filling in the application form for the Kenyan eVisa, applicants will find that they are required to enter details about accommodation and their flights as part of the information needed to process their Kenyan electronic visa. These are proof of travel.

If the applicant does not have their proof of travel or their travel itinerary because they have not yet booked their flights or arranged accommodation, they will find themselves unable to proceed with the application.

Applicants must specify:

  • Where they are staying while in Kenya (Proof of hotel confirmation)
  • A Kenyan phone number on which they can be contacted during their stay
  • Their date of arrival in Kenya
  • The date they plan to leave the country (Proof of return/onward ticket)
  • The reservation details of the flights (Proof of flights)

All of this information must be submitted in the online application in order to be granted the eVisa for Kenya.

Because of this, travelers must book their flights and accommodation before they complete the visa application.

What if You Try to Apply for the Kenya eVisa Before Booking Travel and Accommodation?

If a traveler tried to apply for the Kenya eVisa before booking their flights and a hotel or other type of accommodation, they would not be able to submit the application. The online form requires this proof of hotel confirmation and return/onward ticket) to be registered.

The traveler should not enter false information. This can result in the application being rejected and could cause problems with future applications.

If the application is accepted with incorrect dates of arrival, for example, this data cannot be changed later and may result in the traveler being denied entry to the country when they arrive, as the information on their eVisa does not match the actual conditions of their arrival.

All Kenya eVisa applications must be completed accurately and truthfully.

What Should You Do Before Applying for the Kenya eVisa?

Before completing the online application form, visitors should research accommodation in Kenya. There are various options across the country, from hotels to campsites.

International travelers visiting Kenya to go on safari in the Maasai Mara, for example, may prefer to book to stay in a lodge close to the wildlife.

Those staying in major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa may choose to opt for luxury hotels, while those staying on the Swahili Coast might prefer to rent a house or apartment.

Once the traveler has made their decision and made the necessary arrangements, they will be able to enter this information in the application for the Kenyan eVisa.

Likewise, would-be visitors coming from overseas should check flights from their country of residence to Kenya and return flights before completing the eVisa application. Once they have booked their flights, they will be able to enter the relevant information in the online application form.

Nationals of 141 countries can obtain the eVisa. Before applying, it is also important to make sure you are eligible.

Check the Kenyan eVisa requirements to see the list of countries whose citizens are permitted to apply.