Kenyan Visa Invitation Letter for Business Trips & Family Visits

invitation letter for kenyan business visa

Foreign nationals traveling to Kenya for a range of purposes can now take advantage of the eVisa for Kenya, the quickest and most efficient way to gain access to the country.

Conveniently, the same eVisa is valid for tourism, business activity, and visiting family, although the requirements differ depending on the purpose of the visit.

Whilst to obtain the electronic visa, tourists must provide proof of travel in the form of a hotel or other Kenyan accommodation reservation, business people, those staying with family and students on an educational trip require an invitation letter.

The information below explains what this document must contain and how to upload it during the Kenya eVisa application process.

What Is a Kenyan Visa Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter acts as proof of travel, one of the Kenya eVisa requirements. It allows the authorities to verify a legitimate reason for entering the country.

Fortunately, the invitation letter is a simple document and easy to obtain. The invite is needed by foreign nationals for whom tourism is not the primary activity and is therefore applicable to the following 3 groups:

  • Business people
  • Foreigners visiting family or friends in Kenya
  • Students on an educational trip

Invitation letter to obtain a business eVisa for Kenya

The business invitation letter should be issued by the employer or sponsoring company located in Kenya with which the visa applicant will be working during their stay.

In addition to indicating the reason for the invite, such as a meeting or other company event, the letter should also state the position/role of the individual within the company.

The invitation should be printed on company letterhead and contain the following information in order to be considered valid:

  • Company name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Full company address
  • Arrival and departure dates

The document is submitted electronically, with a copy of the company registration, when applying for the eVisa

Visiting family and friends with a Kenya visa invitation letter

Given that foreign citizens staying with family or friends do not need to book accommodation, it is not possible to provide a reservation as evidence of travel.

In these situations, it is necessary to submit an invitation letter from the host family.

In their note, the relative or acquaintance should provide the following information:

  • Full name, residential address and contact information (telephone number)
  • Their relationship with the invitee (family/relative is not specific enough)
  • Arrival and departure dates

Like the business invite, this document is used to verify that the candidate has somewhere to reside and an acceptable reason for spending time in Kenya. It is submitted along with a copy of the host’s passport/ID card/alien card or entry permit.

Educational trips with the Kenyan online visa

The third group of people who need to supply an invitation letter in order to achieve an eVisa for Kenya is students taking part in educational activities in the African nation.

In this instance, the letter should be from the school or university. Like when applying for business purposes, the document should clearly state the reason for the trip and include full contact details including the address.

Pupils should ask the school or other educational institution to provide them with the letter before beginning the eVisa application process.

How to Submit a Kenyan eVisa Invitation Letter

Travelers who opt for the Kenya eVisa do not need to present paperwork in person at a consulate or embassy. Conveniently, the form and all supporting documents are submitted electronically instead.

When filling in the visa questionnaire, applicants are prompted to provide their proof of travel, which is the invitation letter for business people, those residing with family or friends and students.

The document should be uploaded in either PDF or JPG format. There are no size restrictions but it is advised that the archive is no larger than 450kb.

Documents Required for a Kenyan Visa in Addition to The Invitation Letter

As well as providing the proof of travel which corresponds to the type of Kenyan visa required, all eligible foreigners need to have:

  • A passport which is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry
  • A minimum of one blank page in the passport
  • A return transport ticket or evidence of an onward journey

A yellow fever certificate for Kenya may be needed by people who have recently spent time in a high-risk country.

Other documentation is requested depending on the purpose of the trip, travelers should consult the Kenyan visa requirements.

Once the applicant has all the necessary documentation to hand, the online form can be filled in with basic personal information and passport details.

Provided all the data and supporting documents, including the invitation letter, are approved, the Kenya eVisa will be sent by email within approximately 72 hours.