Can I Enter Kenya with My eVisa at Any Port of Entry?

kenya border crossing

The Kenya eVisa or Kenya Online Visa has made it easier for millions of travelers to reach Kenya without going to an embassy or consulate. However, if you are entering the country with a Kenya eVisa, it is important to be aware that you can’t enter through all the ports of entry.

There is a list of designated airports, seaports, and land border crossings where travelers can enter with a Kenya eVisa. Visitors should not attempt to enter Kenya using an eVisa at any other port of entry.

Which ports can you enter using a Kenya eVisa? This article will outline all the ports which accept the eVisa. Make sure you enter through one of the ports listed here.

Permitted Airports and Seaports

There are 9 airports and 10 seaports which visitors can enter using the Kenya eVisa. All other airports and seaports do not accept the Kenyan electronic visas.

International Airports

Most airports in Kenya are only used for domestic flights and do not accept the Kenya eVisa. The vast majority of visitors enter Kenya via the following 3 international airports:

  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
    • Busiest international airport in Kenya
    • 15km southeast of Nairobi
    • 3 airport terminals (2 international)
  • Moi International Airport
    • Second-busiest international airport in Kenya
    • 9km west of Mombasa
    • Mainly used for charter and domestic flights
  • Wilson Airport
    • Third-busiest airport in Kenya
    • 6km south of Nairobi

The Kenya eVisa can also be used to enter through the following 6 airports though they are not so commonly used:

  • Eldoret
  • Garisa Airtrip
  • Kisumu, Manda
  • Lokichogio
  • Malindi
  • Wajir


Although it is possible to enter Kenya by sea it is not common. There are plans to launch cross-lake ferry services between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and some people charter boats for private trips. Kenya eVisas are accepted at the following seaports:

  • Kilindini
  • Kisumu
  • Kuinga
  • Lamu
  • Malindi
  • Mbita Point
  • Muhuru Bay
  • Old Port
  • Shimoni
  • Vanga

Kenya Land Border Crossings

Kenya borders Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. However, the only countries you can enter Kenya from by land are Tanzania and Uganda. There are no Kenya-Somalia border crossings and no land border crossings with Ethiopia or South Sudan which accept the eVisas.

Tanzania-Kenya border crossings

Crossing the Kenya-Tanzania border is simple as there are regular bus services which operate over most of the border crossings. You can use a Kenya eVisa to enter Kenya from Tanzania at the following 5 border crossings.

  • Lunga Lunga
    • Connects Mombassa with Tanga and dar es Salaam
    • Open 6am to 8pm
    • Closest border crossing to the coast
    • Regular coaches
    • No official places to change money
  • Loitokitok
    • Useful for traveling from Amboseli National Park to Marangu
    • Open 6am to 8pm
    • No public transport passes through
    • 2-hour drive from border to Moshi
  • Taveta
    • Connects Moshi with Voi and Mombasa
    • Open 6am to 8pm
    • Daily buses
    • Paperwork for foreign vehicles can only be completed between 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
  • Isebania
    • Connects Isebania and Sirari
    • Open 6am to 8pm
    • Convenient for traveling to western Kenya
    • No direct buses over the border
    • Easy to walk over the border and catch buses from either side
  • Namanga
    • Connects Nairobi and Arusha
    • Open 24 hours a day
    • Regular buses from various locations
    • Busiest Kenya–Tanzania crossing

Kenya-Uganda border crossings

You can travel to Kenya from Uganda at 2 land border crossings: Malaba and Busia.

  • Malaba
    • Connects Uganda to Eldoret
    • Regular coaches and buses
    • The border posts are only 1km apart so you can walk between
  • Busia
    • Located en route between Kampala and Nairobi
    • Regular buses
    • Straightforward to pass through

Kenyan e-Visa is valid to enter through any of the above-mentioned ports of entry. However, you can exit through any border.

Documentation Needed at Kenyan Ports of Entry

Tourists traveling with an e-Visa for Kenya must present the following documentation upon arrival at a Kenyan port of entry:


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