Kenya Visa Extension: How To Renew Your eVisa

Kenyan eVisa Extension

Kenya is an enchanting destination with an incredible amount to see. It’s not surprising that visitors would want to stay beyond the 90-day limit of their eVisa.

Thankfully, it’s possible to obtain a Kenya visa extension by applying at the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi or at the Immigration Office in Mombasa. The Kenya tourist visa can be extended twice, the first time for 2 months and again for 3 months, bringing the total possible stay to 6 months (30 days with the original visa plus another 5 months with the extension).

If you leave the country it’s also possible to apply for another Kenya visa online. The Kenya visa extension form is exactly the same as the original application form. It takes a matter of minutes to complete and requires answering a series of basic questions.

To stay in Kenya for longer than  180 days it is necessary to obtain a longer-term visa (such as a work or study visa) from an embassy or consulate.

Getting a Visa Extension in Nairobi or Mombasa

Visitors can extend tourist visas at immigration offices during normal office hours. The process can take a few hours but visa extensions are usually issued on the day as long as applicants have all the required documentation. The offices are open from Monday to Friday.

Although it’s possible to get a visa extension from one of the smaller immigration offices (such as Kisumu, Lamu, and Malindi), applicants are normally referred to the two main offices at Nairobi (Nyayo House along Uhuru Highway) and Mombasa.

The maximum visa extension is 90 days for a single-entry visa. This means if you obtain a Kenya eVisa and then a visa extension, you can stay for up to 180 days in Kenya.

Kenya visa extension requirements

Applicants need to bring 2 passport photos who meet the requirements, their passport, and their visa in order to be granted a visa extension. It is also necessary to fill out the visa application form and pay the visa fee (which tends to vary).

How to Apply for a Kenya Tourist Visa Extension

Although you can’t apply for an extension online, you can leave Kenya, obtain a new eVisa, and reenter the country. For example, you could cross the border into Tanzania or Ethiopia and apply from there and re-enter Kenya through one of the main ports of entry with the Kenyan eVisa.

The visa application process for an extension is straightforward. It just involves filling out the online application which only takes around 10 minutes.

Applicants have to provide a range of information including their personal information (such as name, address, and date of birth), passport details (including number and expiry date), and travel plans.

There are also some questions on the form related to the applicant’s background. This section includes security and health-related questions. All of the provided information is screened and it is essential to be honest and open.

Re-Apply for Kenyan eVisa

How long does it take to process a Kenya visa extension application?

Applications are normally processed within 48 hours. This means that travelers might have to stay in the neighboring country for a couple of days while their application is processed.

To avoid complications, it is essential to enter all the information fully and accurately. Errors such as spelling mistakes and mistyped numbers can lead to delays in the process. However, the vast majority of applications are processed within 24 hours without any problems or issues.

What are the requirements to apply for a Kenya eVisa extension?

To apply for a Kenya eVisa extension you just need to have a valid passport, a credit or debit card to pay the eVisa fee, and an up-to-date email address to receive the approved eVisa. It is also necessary to fill out all the sections of the application form by providing the necessary information.