Photo Requirements and Guidelines for Applying Kenya Visa

eVisa Photo Requirements for Kenya

Before leaving for their holiday, all foreign nationals are required to first confirm if they need a visa for Kenya. A number of nationalities can now obtain a Kenya eVisa through a simple online application, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate in person, hire a travel agent, or queue at the border for a visa on arrival.

The Kenyan eVisa allows foreigners to visit the country for up to 30 days and it was designed for people traveling for tourism, business, or medical purposes.

The electronic visa application is very fast and simple. Travelers are required to complete an online form in all of its parts and provide supporting documentation like copies of their valid passport and recent photographs.

In order for the application to be successful, foreigners must meet specific photo ID requirements as well as providing truthful and complete information in the form. This way, they will maximize their chances to see their visa approved within days and avoid delays.

In this article, you will find important information regarding the Kenya eVisa photo requirements including photo size, quality, and background.

Kenya eVisa: What Size of Photo Should I Submit?

One of the key requirements to complete a successful Kenya eVisa application is to submit a digital photograph of the foreign traveler which meets the Kenya visa photo size requirements.

The applicant may either take the photo directly using a digital camera, or digitize a paper photograph with a scanner to upload with the application.

If you are able to, you can take the photograph yourself but if unsure of the correct dimensions, you may choose to hire a professional studio to take the photo for you.

The visa photograph should meet the following size requirements:

  • Required dimensions of 500 pixels (height) and 500 pixels (width)
  • Maximum weight of the digital file: 200 kilobytes
  • The head of the applicant should take up 70% of the picture. Between the hair of the applicant and the photograph’s upper limit, there should be a space taking up no more than 8% of the picture.
  • The format of the digital file must be JPG.

Other Kenya Visa Photo Requirements

There are other photo requirements that must be met by all applicants besides the size of the photograph. These include:

  • The photograph must show a front view of the applicant’s full face
  • Only the applicant can be shown in the picture — group photos are not accepted
  • The applicant must keep their eyes open and mouth closed in a natural expression
  • The entire head from the top of the hair to the shoulders must be visible
  • Fashion headgear like sunglasses and hats is not allowed
  • Religious headgear is permitted. Please note that the eyes, nose, and mouth must all be visible
  • The photo must be taken against a plain white background
  • Shadows should be avoided especially on the applicant’s head
  • Filters and effects should be avoided
  • It’s important that the photo is taken recently, ideally within 6 months prior to departure
  • The contrast and lighting in the photo should be normal.

Applicants may choose to submit a photograph in color or in black and white as long as the black and white photo is clear and of good quality.

Each eligible individual must apply for the Kenyan eVisa separately. This means that each applicant will have to submit a separate photograph meeting the above requirements for their application.

Other Requirements for a Successful eVisa Application for Kenya

All applicants must ensure that, besides meeting the Kenya eVisa photo requirements, they also submit a complete application with relevant supporting documentation that follows all other requirements for this visa.

The application must include the following:

  • An eligible passport with a validity of at least 6 months since the intended date of entry into Kenya and at least 1 blank page
  • Evidence of the intention to leave the country at the end of the visit (i.e. a return plane ticket)
  • A debit or credit card to pay the Kenyan visa application fee
  • A current email address where all information regarding the visa will be communicated.

It is paramount that the applicant completes the application form in all of its parts and answers truthfully to all questions to the best of their knowledge. Questions on the application form range from personal and contact information to passport information and questions regarding the applicant’s travel itinerary. Some health and security-related questions might also be included.

The applicant can choose to complete the application and upload the supporting documentation in one session. However, supporting documents including the photo can also be submitted at a later date.