crossing Kenya-Uganda borders

Crossing the Kenya-Uganda Border

International travelers going from Uganda to Kenya or vice versa can either make the journey by air or by land, crossing the border at a designated checkpoint. From Ugandan citizens taking a trip to the other side of the frontier to backpackers touring around Africa, many people cross the Kenya-Uganda border each day. There are […]

kenya evisa for medical reasons

How to Apply for a Kenya eVisa for Medical Treatment

Foreign citizens who wish to receive medical treatment in Kenya can apply for a visa online. The Kenya eVisa for medical reasons is available to citizens of over 140 countries. Travelers are not required to attend a Kenyan embassy or consulate and can instead complete the application process from home. In this article, travelers can […]

kenya business visa

Kenya Business Visa Online

Kenya is one of the fastest-growing economies in Sub Saharan Africa , recording an economic growth of 5.7% in 2019, according to the World Bank Group. It is no wonder that international organizations want to do business in Kenya. Businessmen and women now have easy access to the country thanks to the completely digital Kenyan […]

biometric passport for kenya

Biometric Passport for Kenya

As the country upgrades its technology and implements more e-services, it is possible and even encouraged to travel to Kenya with a biometric passport. Also known as electronic passports or e-passports, these modern travel documents are issued by many countries worldwide and contain digital information about the passenger. Kenyan nationals living abroad are being asked […]

kenyan evisas starts in 2021

Kenya eVisa for All Travelers from 2021

The electronic visa (eVisa) for Kenya will become available and mandatory for visitors from all countries that need a visa from the start of 2021. The Ministry of Interior has announced that the online Kenya eVisa system will issue 100% of visas starting on January 1. This shift in policy reflects the government’s move towards […]

travel with fireams to kenya

Traveling to Kenya with Firearms

Foreign nationals who wish to travel to Kenya with firearms will not be surprised to learn that bringing guns into the country is highly restricted and obtaining permission to do so can be difficult, but not impossible. Kenya’s gun control laws are strict. Hunting was outlawed in 1978 and use of firearms is rarely tolerated […]

mount kenya national park

Climbing Mount Kenya: Key Information & Required Documents

Climbing Mount Kenya is one of the top activities for adventure seekers in Kenya. Reaching the peak may be a challenge but the views make it well worth the effort. Mount Kenya is the second-highest peak in Africa, the tallest being Kilimanjaro. Many visitors opt for Mount Kenya instead of its higher neighbor as there […]

Kenyan Buses

A Tourist Guide to Public Transport in Kenya

Kenya is a vast and varied country that has much to offer to tourists. In Kenya, travelers can find some of the world’s best natural reserves and safari parks but also idyllic beaches and multicultural cities. In order to make the most of one’s time in Kenya and its many attractions, it is often necessary […]

National Parks in Kenya

National Parks and Reserves to Visit in Kenya

There are many national parks and reserves for tourists to visit in Kenya. National parks and reserves offer travelers the best safari experiences and a chance to see incredible wildlife up close. Many of the national parks in Kenya are within driving distance of Nairobi. Visitors staying in the Kenyan capital can see several different […]

Kenya High Risk Area

Tips for Travel to High-Risk Areas in Kenya

Kenya is statistically quite safe compared to many other African countries. However, there are certain high-risk areas for travel in various parts of the country. The majority of visitors to Kenya enjoy their trips and do not encounter any incident that puts their safety at risk. As is the case with traveling to any destination […]