mount kenya national park

Climbing Mount Kenya: Key Information & Required Documents

Climbing Mount Kenya is one of the top activities for adventure seekers in Kenya. Reaching the peak may be a challenge but the views make it well worth the effort. Mount Kenya is the second-highest peak in Africa, the tallest being Kilimanjaro. Many visitors opt for Mount Kenya instead of its higher neighbor as there […]

Kenyan Buses

A Tourist Guide to Public Transport in Kenya

Kenya is a vast and varied country that has much to offer to tourists. In Kenya, travelers can find some of the world’s best natural reserves and safari parks but also idyllic beaches and multicultural cities. In order to make the most of one’s time in Kenya and its many attractions, it is often necessary […]

National Parks in Kenya

National Parks and Reserves to Visit in Kenya

There are many national parks and reserves for tourists to visit in Kenya. National parks and reserves offer travelers the best safari experiences and a chance to see incredible wildlife up close. Many of the national parks in Kenya are within driving distance of Nairobi. Visitors staying in the Kenyan capital can see several different […]

Kenya High Risk Area

Tips for Travel to High-Risk Areas in Kenya

Kenya is statistically quite safe compared to many other African countries. However, there are certain high-risk areas for travel in various parts of the country. The majority of visitors to Kenya enjoy their trips and do not encounter any incident that puts their safety at risk. As is the case with traveling to any destination […]

Kenyan food

What to Eat and Drink in Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular destinations thanks to its stunning nature and colorful culture. Kenya is also known for its world-class cuisine and visitors will have the chance to taste delicious traditional dishes that cannot be found in Kenyan restaurants abroad. The Kenyan gastronomy is as varied as its culture. Tourists will be […]

Grat Wildebeest migration in kenya

Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

Each year around millions of wildebeest make the perilous journey between the Serengeti plains in north Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Known as the Great Wildebeest Migration, this phenomenal event was named one of the seven wonders of Africa and has a place on the bucket list of many travelers. Timing is […]

Multiple Entry Visa for Kenya

Should I Apply for a Kenya Multiple Entry Visa?

Travelers who intend to make several trips to Kenya are often unsure which type of visa they should apply for, a single-entry or a multiple-entry Kenya visa. The multiple-entry visa is mainly for business people who need to make numerous trips to Kenya for work purposes. In such cases, a multiple-entry visa may be beneficial […]

Travelling to Kenya as an LGBT traveller

Kenya LGBTQ Travel Guide

The relationship between Kenya and LGBT individuals is a frequent question for international LGBTQ travelers, particularly with regards to travel safety. Although Kenya has a long-established tourist industry largely centered on safaris, a vibrant cultural scene, and a modern, digital economy, its legislation and attitudes towards relationships are conservative and the issue of LGBTQ people […]

electronic visa for Kenya

Differences Between Kenya e-Visa, Visa on Arrival and Embassy Visa

The majority of foreign nationals need a visa to visit Kenya. Passport holders from just over 40 nations can enter Kenya visa-free, most of which are other African countries. Fortunately, citizens of more than 140 are now eligible for the Kenya e-visa, the most convenient option for people heading to Kenya. The electronic visa was […]

invitation letter for kenyan business visa

Kenyan Visa Invitation Letter for Business Trips & Family Visits

Foreign nationals traveling to Kenya for a range of purposes can now take advantage of the eVisa for Kenya, the quickest and most efficient way to gain access to the country. Conveniently, the same eVisa is valid for tourism, business activity, and visiting family, although the requirements differ depending on the purpose of the visit. […]