Kenya Visa for Brazilian Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa from Brazil

Kenya is attracting increasing numbers of tourists every year. Thanks to innovative marketing campaigns and the draw of its numerous natural wonders, the African country saw more than 2 million tourists visit in 2018 – an annual growth of 31.6% and over half a million more people than the previous year, which includes nationals of Brazil.

This is down to the many incredible sights and experiences the country has to offer. From six UNESCO World Heritage Sights to a number of Marine Parks on the Kenyan coast, the African country has something to offer every visitor.

Brazilian citizens traveling to Kenya will need a valid visa to enter the country. All the information required on how to apply for and obtain a Kenyan visa is available here.

Do Brazilian Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Kenya?

Anyone traveling from Brazil will need a visa to gain entry to Kenya. This needs to be arranged before they travel to the country.

For those wishing to visit Kenya, the process of applying for a visa is straightforward, can be done entirely online and takes only 30 minutes. It does not require any time-consuming visits to the Kenyan Embassy or allowing time to print out and fill in forms to put in the post.

Kenya Visa Documents Required for Brazilians

Before beginning the process of applying for an electronic visa, Brazilian nationals should ensure they meet the following conditions and have the necessary information to hand, as it will be required when filling out the electronic forms:

  • A valid passport with a least six months’ validity from the date of travel and a blank page for immigration stamps.
  • Details about their trip to Kenya, including flights and information on where they will be staying when they are in the country.
  • A digital passport photo on a white background with no obstructions covering the face or hair
  • A valid email address to which their electronic visa will be sent.
  • A debit or credit card to pay the processing fee

Kenya Visa Application for Brazilian Residents

When applying for a Kenya eVisa, applicants will be asked questions regarding the details on their passport, such as first and last names and place of birth, details of their itinerary when in Kenya, information about their onward journey out of the country and a number of security questions.

Those applying for online travel authorization have plenty of time to fill out the form and double-check their answers. The final step is to pay the electronic fee via a credit or debit card.

Afterward, travelers will have to wait for the eVisa to be processed. This normally takes 2-3 business days, but it can take longer at busy periods of the year, so applicants must be sure to allow plenty of time.

Brazilians wishing to know the status of their Kenya visa can do so following very few, simple online steps.

Note: It is important to take into consideration that a printed copy of the Kenyan eVisa must be presented when arriving at any of the permitted ports of entry.

Types of Kenya eVisa Available to Brazilian Residents

Applicants from Brazil can apply for a single-entry Kenya visa. This covers those wishing to visit the country for tourist, business, or medical purposes. It means that if the traveler leaves the country – even if it is just to enter one of the six neighboring countries – they must then apply for a new visa before reentering Kenya.

Once the application is approved, Brazilians have 90 days to enter Kenya before the eVisa is no longer valid. Once they are in the country, travelers can stay for up to 30 days, to spend an additional 5 months in Kenya they can apply for a visa extension twice.

If travelers are transiting through Kenya and will not be leaving the airport, they do not require a visa. However, there is a transit visa available for those who are changing flights and wish to leave the airport for up to 72 hours.