Kenya eVisa for Croatian Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Citizens with a Croatian passport are now eligible to apply for a visa to visit Kenya by completing an online application form for its request.

The implementation of the Kenya eVisa system allows Croatian nationals to request an electronic visa through an online platform, which helps them avoid all formalities that were used in the past to obtain a visa to Kenya, like visiting embassies and waiting long periods of time for its approval.

The Kenya eVisa application can be completed from anywhere in the world and will only require to answer personal questions and submit important documents about the Croatian national.

Do Croatian Nationals Need a Visa To Enter Kenya?

All Croatian passport holders are required to request a visa when traveling to Kenya. In this sense, the Kenya electronic visa can be used for various purposes when entering the country such as tourism, business, medical reasons.

The process of completing the application form only takes 15 minutes to complete, making the process easy and fast.

The Kenya eVisa is a single-entry visa that has a validity of 3 months from the date of issue. Croatians can spend up to 30 days with the eVisa and have the possibility of extending their stay in Kenya.

Kenya Visa Documents Required for Croatian Nationals

Before Croatian nationals begin the application process for a Kenya eVisa, they must first keep in mind all the necessary Kenya entry requirements that need to be gathered in order to have successful electronic visa approval.

Citizens of Croatia must hold a valid passport with 6 months of validity starting from the date they enter the country.

The Kenya eVisa application form will require to submit digital copies of the Croatian national’s passport, including biographical pages and cover pages. The passport must have at least one blank page when entering Kenya.

Passport data must also be provided, which includes passport number and detailed information about the passport’s issued and expiry dates.

The Croatian applicant must submit a recent digital photograph that abides by Kenya eVisa’s picture guidelines, such as having a white background, the applicant being front-faced, and not wearing any head garments or sunglasses.

Travelers of Croatia must have proof of travel such as details about their accommodation and flight dates so local authorities are sure they will exit the country before the maximum time limit allowed.

Croatian applicants must pay the Kenya electronic visa process fee with a debit or credit card at the end of the application process.

Kenya eVisa Application Form for Croatian Nationals

The Kenya visa application requires applicants of Croatia to provide information about their identity and answer other security questions that will include:

  • Identity information
  • Name and last name
  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Gender

Other information:

  • Contact details such as home address and telephone number
  • Health conditions
  • Security questions regarding possible criminal records

All the information Croatian applicants provide must be correct and true since wrongfully answering these questions might result in delay or denial of the online visa to Kenya.

The processing time for the Kenyan application can vary from 2 to 6 days. For this reason, Croatians are advised to request their electronic visa at least one week prior to the traveling date.

After it is approved, the travel permit to Kenya is sent to the Croatian applicant’s email address provided in the application.

The approved visa should be printed out and carried with the Croatian visitor at the moment of arrival in Kenya.

Entering Kenya With An eVisa From Croatia

Traveling from Croatia to Kenya can take an average of 16 hours by air travel, while the distance between the two countries is 3,403 miles (5,477 km), making this a long travel trip.

However, Croatians who are holders of a Kenya eVisa are guaranteed to have a smooth process when arriving in Kenyan territory.

Ports of entry that accept Kenya Online Visas from Croatians

Kenya has many ports of entry to offer for Croatians eVisa holders, therefore, choosing the right port of entry will depend on travelers from Croatia and their itineraries. In some cases when visiting neighboring countries, many Croatian visitors select certain Kenyan border crossings that allow them to enter with a Kenyan electronic travel permit.

There are 9 airports that allow Croatian visitors to enter with a Kenya eVisa, the most common airports being:

  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  • Moi International Airport
  • Wilson Airport

There are other Kenyan border crossings that allow eVisa holders from Croatia to enter the country such as:

Kenya-Tanzania border crossings:

  • Lunga Lunga
  • Loitokitok
  • Taveta
  • Isebania
  • Namanga

Kenya-Uganda border crossings:

  • Malaba
  • Busia

When choosing a land border crossing, Croatian visitors will need to carry documentation as they would when entering through any other port of entry: accommodation and departure proof, a valid passport, the printed approved eVisa, and travel itinerary.