Kenya Visa for Egyptian Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Due to its reputation as one of the best places in all of the African continent to go on safari, Kenya has remained a popular tourist destination. Thanks to a coordinated effort by Kenyan travel authorities to foster tourism, more and more airlines are offering simplified routes to the country.

In conjunction with this uptick in demand, Kenyan authorities have revamped their visa application system. Now Egyptian travelers can apply for and receive the new Kenya eVisa by filling out a simple online application. Find out all the details below.

Do Egyptian Passport Holders Need a Visa for Kenya?

Yes, each Egyptian passport holder who is planning a trip to Kenya should plan to apply for a Kenya eVisa with enough anticipation to receive it before they depart.

The process for applying for and receiving their Kenya eVisa as an Egyptian passport holder is done entirely online, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or a consulate in preparation for traveling.

As a result of the new application, not only is it not necessary to visit a physical location, but travelers do not actually need to be in Egypt to apply at all. As long as they have the proper documents, they can apply for anywhere in the world with internet access.

In terms of visa on arrival options, there is no VoA available in Kenya for Egypt nationals, so each citizen from Egypt must arrive at the border with their own visa already approved.

Documents Required for Kenya Visa from Egypt

While it is true that the Kenya eVisa for Egyptian passport holders was designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, the application still has a number of requirements that each applicant needs to provide. Below is a preliminary list of what you can expect to be asked for:

  • A valid passport with at least six months’ validity. The passport must be from Egypt or another country that is eligible for the Kenya eVisa
  • The details from the information (photo) page of your passport
  • At least one blank page in the passport
  • A recent digitalized color photograph for the eVisa
  • An outline of a travel itinerary
  • A return ticket to Egypt or proof of onward travel leaving Kenya
  • A debit or credit card in order to pay the application fee

Besides travelers’ own requirements to obtain the eVisa, it is important to know the Kenyan custom regulations that are currently valid in the ports of entry.

Apply for Kenya Visa for Egypt Citizens

The Kenya eVisa for Egyptian passport holders has a simple online application to fill out. The bulk of the information that authorities will be asking for is detailed in the above sections. Other questions may be more personal and center on your medical and security histories.

After double-checking each answer for accuracy and submitting the application, travelers can expect a response within one to three business days.

Once Kenyan travel authorities have issued the electronic visa, applicants need to make sure to print out a hard copy of the confirmation email and carry it with them to the port of entry. Kenyan border authorities will want to check that the traveler’s records match theirs as an added layer of protection against fraud.

The approved visa application is valid for one month. This means that Egyptian citizens must enter Kenya within one month or they will need to apply for another visa. Once inside Kenya, the visa is valid for 30 days. Should travelers wish to extend their stay, they may do so by visiting Nyayo House 20th floor, Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway. The visa can be extended twice, the first time for 2 months, and the second time for 3. The total possible stay in Kenya is 6 months.

Egyptian Travelers: Types of Kenya eVisas Available

The most common Kenya eVisa for Egyptian citizens is the single-entry Kenyan tourist eVisa. This electronic travel permit allows for a one-time-only entry into Kenya, meaning if the traveler leaves the country before their visa has expired, they must acquire a new one before re-entering the country. This is the visa to select for tourism, leisure, business, or medical reasons.

Should passengers be transiting through Kenya, there is no need to apply for a transit visa if they are not planning on leaving the airport to catch their connecting flight. If they wish to leave the airport, they must apply for a transit visa, which allows them 72 hours before they catch their connection.

Travelers thinking about traveling from Egypt to Kenya are advised to be informed about the latest updates regarding Kenya, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings or problems when arriving in the country.