Kenya Visa for Hong Kong Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa from Hong Kong

The Kenyan government now offers the Kenyan eVisa as a way for citizens of 141 countries to visit the country. The new Kenyan eVisa system is a safe and convenient way for travelers to acquire an eVisa online without having to visit a Kenyan Embassy or consulate.

The government of Kenya has introduced this as a way to encourage people to travel to the country. Naturally, there is a variety of reasons for why people choose to visit Kenya and as such, there are different types of Kenyan travel eVisas that they can acquire depending on their travel needs. Travelers must carefully review the different eVisa categories for their trip to Kenya, as each eVisa category requires its own set of documents to be submitted as part of their eVisa application.

Travelers are required to submit an online application in order to apply for a Kenyan eVisa, which if approved, will be sent to the traveler via email. Travelers will then need to print out the Kenyan eVisa to take with them during their trip to Kenya to be presented along with their passport to border control officials at a Kenyan port of entry.

Obtaining a Kenyan eVisa for Citizens of Hong Kong

Citizens of Hong Kong are eligible to apply for a Kenyan eVisa due to the agreements the Kenyan government has with the government of Hong Kong. For tourism-related activities, Hongkongers can apply for the Kenyan Tourist eVisa which allows them a stay of up to 30 consecutive days in the country. If travelers wish to stay longer in the country, they can also extend their visa twice, the first time for 2 months and again for 3 months, at the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi. However, once the Kenyan Tourist eVisa has been extended twice, it cannot be extended again.

The Kenyan Tourist eVisa is valid for a single entry into Kenya which means that if travelers leave the country after their initial arrival, their eVisa will no longer be valid for another visit. Travelers will have to apply for a new Kenyan eTourist visa in order to enter the country once again.

Documentation Required to Apply for Kenyan eVisa from Hong Kong

In order to apply for a Kenyan Tourist eVisa, Hongkongers will have to satisfy certain basic Kenyan online visa requirements, such as:

  • A valid passport with a remaining validity of at least 6 months from the date the traveler arrives in Kenya
  • A blank page for entry/exit stamps
  • A ticket for onward journey from Kenya or a return ticket.
  • A valid email address,
  • Valid bank account information in the form of a debit/credit card that can be used for online payments

Furthermore, Hongkongers traveling to the country for tourism will need to provide a copy of their passport’s biographical page and a recent photograph that meets the requirements. Travelers from Hong Kong are strongly encouraged to review the detailed requirements needed to successfully apply for the Kenyan Tourist eVisa.

Application Process for Kenyan eVisa from Hong Kong

Hongkongers will need to fill out the Kenyan eVisa application online which can be completed within 20 minutes, especially if the traveler has all their documents on hand, ready to be submitted. Travelers are expected to provide personal details, passport information, travel itineraries and answer some security questions while completing the Kenyan eVisa application. Once completed, they will have to pay a processing fee before submitting the application for approval.

Travelers must note that it is highly recommended to double-check their entries before submitting the application in order to make sure they are correct. Errors or fraudulent information can lead to delays in the processing of the eVisa application and may even result in a denial of visa for the traveler.

All Kenyan Tourist eVisa applications are typically processed within 24 – 72 hours. It can, however, take longer in certain cases, therefore, travelers are encouraged to apply for their Kenyan Tourist eVisas ahead of time in order to deal with any delays that might occur during processing.

Once the eVisa application has been approved, the traveler will have their Kenyan Tourist eVisa sent to them via email. Travelers will then be responsible for printing out the eVisa and taking it with them to the airport when they travel. It will have to be presented to border officials at Kenyan borders upon arrival for authentication.

Hongkongers that are transiting through Kenya on their way to a final destination so not need to apply for a Kenyan Transit Visa if they expect to stay less than 72 hours in the country without leaving the airport. However, if they’re stay is going to be longer than 72 hours or if they plan to leave the airport during their stay, they will need to acquire a transit visa prior to their arrival in the country.