Kenya eVisa for Indonesian Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Over 2 million international arrivals are welcomed by Kenya each year. Among this group, there are several Indonesian citizens who can travel with an electronic visa, one of the simplest, most convenient manners to gain access to Kenyan territory.

This electronic travel authorization system to visit Kenya, mostly known as the Kenyan e-Visa, is available to more than 100 eligible countries, including Indonesia, which means their nationals do not need to request a visa through immigration offices, embassies or consulates.

All eligible Indonesian travelers need is to comply with certain conditions and prerequisites and then complete an online form, which includes paying a small processing fee.

Read on to know exactly what is required before traveling from Indonesia to Kenya with an eVisa.

Kenya Visa: Requirements Needed From Indonesian Nationals

The application process for a Kenya electronic online visa from Indonesia is straightforward and quite simple to understand. Specific information and documents are required when submitting, so it is a good idea to have the following to hand before beginning the application procedure:

  • A valid Indonesian passport, with at least six months’ validity from the date of travel and at least one blank page to allow border officials to add a stamp if required
  • A digital passport photograph of the Indonesian applicant. This should be in full color, taken on a white background with the applicant’s face fully visible
  • Details of the travel itinerary, including hotel/accommodation details, information about excursions and activities, and flight tickets
  • Onward travel information. To ensure the traveler does not stay in the country longer than allowed, immigration officers may require information regarding onward travel, including flight details
  • A valid email address as the eVisa to Kenya needs to be sent to an email address
  • A form of payment such as a debit or credit card

It is advised that Indonesian travelers carefully check the Kenyan eVisa entry requirements before beginning to complete the online application as there are a few different prerequisites depending on the type of online travel permit: some additional conditions are needed when applying for a business visa to Kenya or a travel permit to visit family.

How to Apply for a Kenya Visa From Indonesia

Once Indonesians wishing to visit Kenya have gathered the information required to apply, they have to simply fill out the Kenyan eVisa application form.

This process should take no longer than 30 minutes if they have all the relevant paperwork to hand. Travelers from Indonesia will be expected to supply personal details, passport information, and answer security questions and general information about their health as part of the application.

Once the Kenya e-Visa is completed, Indonesian applicants have plenty of time to double-check that they have filled in all of the relevant fields correctly before paying the eVisa processing fee and submitting it for approval.

The approval of Kenya’s eVisa can take 2-3 days, although it is recommended applicants from Indonesia allow longer than this due to the risk of unexpected busy periods. In most cases, the processing time is so quick, applicants do not need to check the Kenyan eVisa status, however, it is possible to do so.

Once approved, the electronic visa to Kenya will be sent to the Indonesian applicant’s email address, at which point travelers should print out a copy of the visa to take with them when they travel to Kenya. Border officials may request to see it when entering the country.

Types of Kenya eVisas for Indonesian Passport Holders

The main type of Kenyan visa available to Indonesian citizens is the single-entry travel permit. This permits holders a stay of up to 30 days in the country.

However, if they leave Kenya at any point they will not be permitted back into Kenya without another single-entry visa (although currently there is a Kenyan multiple-entry visa in place). It is a good idea to plan the stay before traveling to avoid any undue stress.

If the applicant wishes to stay longer than 30 days they must apply in person for an online visa to Kenya extension. This can be done in Nairobi or Mombasa, it can be extended twice (2 months and then 3 months) bringing the total possible stay to 6 months.

In the case Indonesians are traveling to Kenya for business purposes or to visit family members, then they will need to obtain an invitation letter to Kenyan territory in addition to the regular, common prerequisites stated above. They will also need to show the Kenyan company’s registration details and/or the Kenyan host’s identification.

Finally, citizens of Indonesia have the option to obtain a Kenyan transit visa, which can be used only for the purpose of leaving the airport for a maximum of 72 hours when Indonesians are waiting in the Kenyan international airport for a connecting flight.

Other visas to Kenya for academic, permanent work or permanent settlement might be requested by Indonesian nationals in the proper Kenyan embassy or consulate. However, these travel permits will have their own set of requirements and conditions to be eligible.