Kenyan eVisa for Italian Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Italian citizens can now apply for a Kenyan eVisa in order to travel to the country. The Kenyan eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that allows the citizens of certain countries the opportunity to obtain their Kenyan visas online without the hassle of visiting a local Kenyan embassy or consulate.

The Kenyan eVisa is a system introduced by the Kenyan government to encourage people from all over the world to travel to the country. As such, it also offers a variety of eVisas to accommodate the different travel needs that people may have. There are three main types of Kenyan visas that travelers can apply for:

  • Kenyan Tourist eVisa: suitable for people who are interested in traveling to the country in order to participate in touristic endeavors.
  • Kenyan Family eVisa: appropriate for those individuals seeking to meet with their families or friends who live in Kenya.
  • Kenyan Business eVisa: for travelers interested in conducting business in the country.

Travelers who expect to transit through Kenya on their way to a final destination will need to apply for a Kenyan transit visa if they will be staying in the country for up to 72 hours.

Italian travelers must take care when applying for a Kenyan eVisa as the eVisa they select must match their travel needs. The eVisa categories have been designed to suit the unique travel needs that people have when visiting Kenya depending on the visa category they choose to apply for. Therefore, the best approach when choosing an eVisa to apply for, is to examine one’s travel needs and apply for one that fits them best.

Should Italian Citizens Apply for a Kenyan eVisa?

Italy is on the list of 141 countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a Kenyan eVisa. The Kenyan eVisa is only valid for a single entry into the country and allows Italian travelers a stay of up to 30 consecutive days. This means that if the travelers leave Kenya within the 30-day period, they will have to apply for a new Kenyan eVisa in order to visit the country again.

Italian travelers can also extend their stay in Kenya at the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi. The Kenya eVisa can be extended twice for a total of 5 additional months.

What Documents do Italian Citizens need for the Kenyan eVisa?

To successfully apply for an eVisa, Italian travelers must submit the Kenyan eVisa required documentation, such as:

  • A valid email address,
  • A valid passport with a remaining validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry into Kenya
  • At least one blank page on the passport
  • Travel itinerary/ proof of onward travel e.g. return ticket etc.
  • Valid bank account information in the traveler’s name, such as a debit/credit card

Since there are additional documents required based on the particular type of Kenyan eVisa being applied for, travelers must make sure they have the documents ready to be uploaded while filling out the online application. For the Kenyan Tourist eVisa, travelers will also have to submit:

  • A copy of their passport’s biographical page
  • A recent photograph of themselves taken within the last 6 months

The Kenyan government has outlined certain specifications for photographs that are submitted for identification purposes with eVisa applications. Italian travelers should take the time to review these specifications and ensure their photographs meet the standards as they prepare to apply for the Kenyan eVisa.

How Can Italian Citizens Apply for a Kenyan eVisa?

Applying for a Kenyan eVisa as an Italian citizen is a simple and straightforward process given the applicant’s documents are current and ready to be submitted along with their application. To begin the process of applying for the Kenyan eVisa, Italian travelers will need to fill out an online application by providing details regarding their person, their passport and travel plans.

Travelers must provide accurate information while filling out the Kenyan eVisa application, otherwise, it may cause processing delays which can in some cases lead up to a denial of visa for the traveler.

Before submitting the eVisa application, travelers will usually get an opportunity to review the information they have entered on the form to make sure it is correct to the best of their knowledge. Once the application has been submitted, travelers will generally not be able to make amends and might be required to submit another application with the correct information to get their eVisa.

Italian travelers should note that there is a processing fee they will be required to pay for their Kenyan eVisa application using a valid debit/credit card in order to complete the application process.

After the application has been completed and sent in for review, travelers will then have to wait between 24-72 hours to receive their Kenyan eVisa via email. Travelers will then have to print out the eVisa and take it with them during their trip to Kenya as it will need to be shown to border control officials at the Kenyan port of entry.