Kenya Visa for Japanese Citizens

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Similar to most countries, there are certain travel restrictions in place for people who wish to visit Kenya from Japan. It is important to find out about the requirements and application process before planning a trip to Kenya. The Kenya online eVisa now offers eligible tourists the possibility to apply for the correct travel authorization online.

Do Japanese Citizens Need a Visa for Kenya?

One of the most popular questions when researching a visa to Kenya is do Japanese citizens need a visa in order to enter Kenya?

The answer to that is yes, all Japanese citizens must have a visa to Kenya before they can legally enter the country. Although the process for obtaining a visa for Kenya for Japanese citizens was long and drawn out in the past, a new initiative set by the Kenyan tourism board has made it much simpler and faster. All you need is an hour of your time to fill out the online application and wait a few business days. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the embassy, gathering dozens of papers, and having an in-person interview.

Kenya Requirements for Japanese Passport Holders

Before you can start applying for your Kenya visa for Japanese citizens, it is important to take into consideration the requirements needed to obtain a Kenyan eVisa. They include the following:

  • A valid passport – All travelers must have a valid and up to date passport issued by the Japanese government. Their passport must have at least six (6) months validity before they can travel to Kenya. We also recommend having at least one blank page in the passport in order to ensure that the immigration officer has enough space to stamp the passport if necessary.
  • Passport details – During the application, you will need to fill out questions that ask for your passport information, which includes the passport number, nationality, date of birth, date of passport expiration, and so on.
  • A digital photograph – At the end of the application, you will need to upload a digital photo. Please make sure to have a clear and colorized photo of yourself that is recent and taken within the last six months.
  • Travel itinerary – Travelers may be required to submit their travel itineraries, including their planned activities, accommodations, and air tickets.
  • An onward ticket – Officers may ask to see proof of onward travel, either in the form of a ticket back home or to your next destination. This is to ensure that the traveler does not overstay their time in the country.
  • A valid form of payment – You will need a debit card or credit card in order to pay for your Kenyan visa fee.

How to Apply for a Kenya Visa from Japan

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In order to start the process of obtaining a Kenya visa for Japanese, applicants will need to fill out the online application. This Kenya visa application form can be done from Japan and from the comfort of your own home.

The visa application will ask you for your personal information (full name, date of birth, contact information), passport information (passport number, issue date, expiration date, nationality), and travel plans (activities, hotel, etc). At the end, you will be required to upload a recent photo of yourself. After you have filled in the application, we recommend double-checking all of the information to ensure it is correct and accurate. If not, it could lead to delays in getting your visa.

Once everything is correct, you will then be directed to pay for the Kenyan visa fee and wait for the approval to be sent via email. The average processing time for a Kenyan visa is around two to three business days, although this can vary due to demand and other factors. We recommend applying for your visa in advance to avoid delays and stress.

Getting a Kenya visa on arrival for Japanese citizens is also possible when you arrive in the country at a designated crossing. However, we recommend securing your Kenyan visa in advance so that you do not need to wait in line and can get to your destination quicker and with less stress.

Your Kenyan eVisa is valid for a single stay of up to 30 days. If you wish to stay longer than the allotted 30 days in Kenya, they must apply in-person for an extension. The visa can be extended twice for up to an additional 5 months. We recommend printing out a copy of your evisa confirmation email in case the immigration officer will ask for it during the border crossing.