Kenyan Visa for Mexicans

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Kenya is a country nestled in Eastern Africa. It is known for its wild-life reserves, sandy beaches and sky-high mountains. Millions of people from around the world travel to Kenya every year to experience the unique local flair of this wonderful African nation.

The Kenyan government has recently introduced Kenya online visa for travelers interested in visiting the country for tourism, business or to visit friends and family. This new measure is a convenient way for travelers to apply for a visa in order to visit Kenya.

There are different eVisa categories for individuals depending on the specific reasons they have for traveling to the country. Therefore, travelers should look through each category to ensure they apply for the right type of eVisa for their travel needs. It should also be noted, that each eVisa category has its own set of documents that need to be submitted in order to complete the application process.

The Kenyan eVisa for tourists is valid for a period of 30 consecutive days in the country and allows for single-entry into Kenya. Travelers can also extend their visits to Kenya for up to an additional 5 months by visiting the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi in person. However, travelers must note that since the Kenyan Tourist eVisa does not allow multiple entries, they will need to re-apply for an eVisa if they leave the country at any time during their stay.

Is a Kenyan eVisa Required for Mexican Citizens?

The government of Kenya has opened up the Kenyan eVisa for the citizens of 141 countries around the world. Since Mexico is on that list, therefore, Mexican citizens are eligible to apply for Kenyan eVisas in order to visit the country.

There are certainRepublic of Kenya’s online visa requirements that all Mexican citizens interested in traveling to Kenya will have to fulfill, such as:

  • Being the holder of a passport from an eligible country that has a validity of at least 6 months from the date the traveler enters Kenya.
  • Being able to present one blank page on the passport for entry/exit stamps
  • Providing proof of onward travel or a return ticket

Additionally, Mexican travelers will need to ensure that they have a valid email address and valid debit/credit card information in order to complete the online application process. The latter will be used to deduct payment for processing the Kenyan eVisa application.

If the travelers have been to a country recently where yellow fever is a concern, they will also be required to present vaccination certificates as proof that they have been immunized against the disease before being allowed entry into Kenya.

Kenyan eVisa for Mexican Passport Holders

Mexican travelers that plan to visit Kenya for touristic endeavors will also need to submit:

  • The biographical page of their passport
  • A recent color photo of themselves.

The Kenyan government has set certain specifications for photographs submitted as part of the Kenya eVisa application process. Travelers are expected to review these specifications to ensure their photographs meet the Kenyan government’s standards for photographic identification.

How to Apply for a Kenyan eVisa from Mexico

Once the traveler has ascertained that they have all the necessary documents in place as well as the required passport validity, they can begin applying for the Kenyan Tourist eVisa. The application process is relatively simple and can be completed in under 20 minutes without having to visit a local Kenyan Embassy or Consulate. Travelers can begin the application process by filling out an online form which asks the traveler to provide biographical information as well as passport details. Travelers are also expected to provide information regarding their travel plans and answer some basic security questions.

Traveler must ensure that all the information provided on the form does not contain any errors as that can delay the processing of the eVisa application. If the applicant is found to have entered fraudulent information on the form, he/she may then have their eVisa application rejected and be barred from entering Kenya.

Mexican travelers will have the opportunity to review the information they have entered on the form before submitting it. They will also need to pay a processing fee using a valid debit/credit card in order to complete the application process.

After submitting the eVisa application, travelers will have to wait between 24-72 hours in order to receive their eVisa via email. They will be responsible for printing a copy of the eVisa to take with them when they travel to Kenya. This print-out will need to be presented to Kenyan Border Control officials upon arrival in Kenya.