Kenya Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Kenya is quicking becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, and for a good reason: There are hundreds of amazing things to see, do, eat, and experience in this country. From taking a world-class safari through the plains of Kenya to exploring the bustling food district of Nairobi, Kenya is a country that is quickly being added to the adventurous traveler’s bucket list.

However, before you can book a ticket to Kenya, it is important to have a visa. The process is quick, simple, and it takes less than half an hour to fill out the application.

Do Pakistanis Need a Visa to Kenya?

Yes, all Pakistani passport holders (Pakistani citizens) are required to have a valid visa before they can legally enter Kenya.

Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way to get the Kenya visa for Pakistani citizens. Thanks to a unilateral agreement between Kenya and Pakistan, travelers are able to apply for the electronic visa (also known as an eVisa). The application takes less than one hour to complete, and applicants can expect to receive their visa within two business days.

Kenya Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport Holders

There are a handful of Kenya visa requirements that Pakistani citizens must follow before they can apply for their Kenya electronic visa online. Here is a list that includes, but is not limited to, the requirements:

  • A valid passport: Perhaps the most important requirement, all travelers must have at least six (6) months’ validity on their passport before they can travel to Kenya.
  • Passport information: All travelers will need to submit a few basic passport details, such as the passport number, nationality, date of birth, date of passport expiration, and so on.
  • At least one blank page in the traveler’s passport: This is to ensure that the immigration officer has enough space to place the stamp in the traveler’s passport.
  • A form of payment: You will need a form of payment, such as a debit card or credit card, in order to pay for your Kenyan visa.
  • A basic travel itinerary: Travelers may be required to submit their travel plans, such as which cities they plan to go to, which activities they would like to do, and a copy of their hotel/accommodation details (where they plan to stay during their trip). A solid and well-planned out itinerary may increase the likelihood of having your eVisa approved.
  • A return ticket: Officers may ask to see a return ticket (or an onward travel ticket) to ensure that the traveler does not overstay their allotted time in the country.
  • A digital photograph: Please make sure to have a clear and colored photo of yourself (the traveler) that was taken within the last six months. It must be taken against an all-white background, provide a full frontal view of the traveler’s head and shoulders, and with a neutral expression. Likewise, it is recommended to have the photo taken without eyeglasses or headwear, except for religious purposes. The traveler’s hair must be tucked behind his or her ears (so that the face is not obscured).

How to Apply for a Kenya Visa for Pakistan

In order to get a Kenyan visa, travelers must fill out the Kenya visa application for Pakistani citizens and answer questions that ask them for their passport information, personal details, travel itinerary, and so on. Afterward, Pakistani travelers must submit their application and wait around two business days (48 hours) in order to receive their approved visa in their email inbox.

A Kenya visa for Pakistani citizens is valid for a single stay of up to 30 days. If travelers wish to stay longer than 30 days, they must apply in person for an extension at the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi (Address: Nyayo House 20th floor, Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway), the visa can be extended twice, once for 2 months and again for an additional 3 months, bringing the total possible stay to 6 months. Another option is to exit the country and reenter with an eVisa renewal.

It is advised to print out a copy of the approved visa before you travel. That way, you can easily present it to the immigration officer if he or she asks to see the paperwork.