Kenya Visa for Polish Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Kenya is consistently spoken about as one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world to visit. A large part of that is due to the reputation of Kenyan national parks. Luckily for travelers, it isn’t just the safari hotspots, such as the Serengeti, that the country has to offer, as its vibrant cities like the capital Nairobi, and the coastal city of Mombasa, draw tourists throughout the year.

Thanks to efforts by Kenyan tourism authorities, Polish passport holders can now apply for and receive their Kenyan travel visa entirely online. The visa can be obtained without visiting an embassy or consulate, making the process simple and straightforward.

Continue reading for all of the information that Polish citizens need in order to acquire your Kenya eVisa.

Do Poles Need a Visa for Kenya?

Every single Polish national needs to have a valid visa before they visit Kenya. The new Kenya eVisa for Polish passport holders allows for a smooth and simple application process. No matter what your reason for visiting Kenya is, the eVisa covers it.

Kenya Requirements for Polish Passport Holders

The application for the Kenya eVisa is easy to fill out, but it does require a number of pieces of personal information. It’s important to note that the application will ask for more personal details, so keep in mind that although this list is extensive, you should be prepared to provide further details as well.

  • A Polish passport, which has a minimum of six months’ validity from the date you intend on entering Kenya
  • All of the details of the passport page including the passport number, the expiration date, and the country of origin
  • A valid email address so that the visa can be sent
  • At least one blank page in the passport
  • A recent (last six months more or less) digitalized color photo (passport or ID cart sized)
  • The outline of a planned itinerary for your entire time in Kenya. It is not required to follow the plan exactly, but the bulk of your planning should be done prior to applying for the visa
  • Proof of onward travel from Kenya either to Poland or to another country within the time frame that the visa allows
  • A valid debit or credit card in order to pay the application fee, which is non-refundable, no matter if the eVisa is granted or denied

How to Apply for a Kenya Visa from Poland

The application for the Kenya eVisa for Polish citizens is simple and straightforward. In most cases, the total process should take no more than an hour. The application asks for personal details such as your full name and your place of residence, as well as additional questions regarding security and your parents’ names.

After submitting the application and paying the accompanying fee, the typical turnaround time for the granting of the visa is between 4-6 days. In some cases, a response will be given sooner, within 2-3 days, however, it is best to expect the normal response time and apply with sufficient time to avoid any problems.

Once the visa has been issued, you must print out a hard copy of the email and carry it with you to show the border officials at the port of entry in Kenya. The officials will want to verify that your records match their own to guard against any possible fraud.

Kenya eVisa Options for Polish Citizens

The single-entry tourist visa is the option that you want to apply for under most circumstances. This visa covers tourism, family visits, medical procedures, business, and leisure. The visa is valid for three months from the date it is issued, meaning you must enter Kenya before those three months are up or it will expire.

Once inside Kenya, the visa is initially granted for 30 days, it can be extended twice from within Kenya for up to an additional 5 months. There are no multi-entry visa options available, so once you exit the country, you will need a new visa to re-enter Kenya.

Should you be transiting through Kenya without any intention of leaving the airport, then it is not required to hold a transit visa provided that your departing flight is within 72 hours of your arrival to the airport. Should you need to leave the airport for any reason, then you will be required to hold either a tourist visa or a transit visa.

Should you have any additional questions regarding any details about the visa, please check our F.A.Q. page here.