Kenya eVisa for Portuguese Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa

Kenya is one of the most visited countries in Africa, with over 2 million foreign visitors per year. For this reason, in 2015, the local government installed the Kenya online visa system, which allows more than 160 eligible nationals to request a travel authorization through an online platform.

Portuguese citizens are one of the eligible nationalities that can request an online travel permit to Kenya without having to make embassy and consulate visits.

Do Portugal Nationals Need a Visa To Enter Kenya?

The answer is yes: citizens of Portugal are required to have a visa if they desire to visit Kenya.

Fortunately, Portugal’s passport holders are eligible to apply through the online application system known as Kenya eVisa, which is a fast and easy way to request a visa to visit Kenya avoiding any formalities that were used in the past.

The Kenya eVisa online application takes a short time to complete and will require to answer personal information about the Portuguese applicant.

Additional documents will also be requested when completing the Kenya eVisa application form.

Documents Required For Kenya eVisa From Portugal

Portuguese nationals requesting an electronic visa for Kenya will require to meet a series of documents and conditions, also known as Kenya eVisa’s entry requirements, when starting the application process.
Before starting the application process, the Portuguese national must have the following:

  • A Portuguese passport with at least 6 months of validity, starting from the expected travel date
  • An active email address since all updates and confirmations will be sent to the account provided
  • Confirmed flight and accommodation information
  • Itinerary of their stay in Kenya
  • Digital copies of their passport
  • Digital, passport-type photograph of the Portuguese applicant
  • Debit or credit card with sufficient funds for the visa processing fee

The abovementioned Portuguese documents and conditions are essential in order for the Kenyan eVisa to be processed and finally approved.

Portuguese applicants must note that without proof of flight and travel accommodations when applying for a Kenya eVisa, their travel permit cannot be processed.

Submitting documents such as the Portuguese applicant’s photograph will require following a set of Kenya guidelines, otherwise, the picture can be rejected. Some important details regarding the passport-type photograph include:

  • Having a white background
  • Being taken front-faced
  • No head garments involved
  • Neutral facial expressions from the Portuguese traveler
  • No sunglasses used by the citizen of Portugal

Taken all these conditions in mind, nationals of Portugal can submit their online application.

Apply For A Kenya eVisa as a Portuguese National

The Kenya online visa application form can be completed at any time from anywhere in the world, which means Portuguese passport holders can apply even if they do not reside in Portugal.

After gathering all the required information and documents, Portuguese applicants can begin the process of answering the questions regarding their identity, passport information, and other personal information related to their health and criminal records.

Identity information requested will include:

  • First and last names
  • Age
  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Home address and phone number
  • Marital status
  • Religion

In case the application for the Kenya eVisa is for a Portuguese minor under the age of 18, the application must be completed by an adult (parent or legal guardian).

Passport information such as passport number, date of issue, and expiration is also required.

Finally, the applicant from Portugal must answer questions related to their current and past medical history.

When entering information about the Portuguese applicant´s criminal history, all questions must be clear and truthful since wrongful data for these questions might bring delay to the application approval.

Kenya Visa Types for Portuguese Citizens

Kenya has many types of Kenyan visas to offer foreign nationals. In the case of Portuguese passport holders, the most common and best visa type to apply for is the Kenya eVisa.

This visa is a single-entry travel permit that allows a period of stay for 30 days. It can be extended twice from within Kenya. The Kenya eVisa has a validity period of 3 months from the date of issue, the visa holder must enter Kenya within 90 days.

The Kenya electronic visa can be used for various purposes:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Medical matters
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Religion
  • Education and employment

Other types of Kenya visas include the Kenya transit visa that can be used if the Portuguese traveler has connecting flights in the country and their waiting period is 72 hours or less.

This Kenyan visa will allow Portuguese nationals to leave the airport during this time. If the traveler is not planning to leave the airport, this visa is not required.

Portuguese travelers applying for a Kenya eVisa extension

Portuguese visitors who wish to stay in Kenya for longer than 30 days can apply for a Kenya visa extension. This online visa must be requested at Kenya’s immigration offices in Nairobi or Mombasa.

The Kenya eVisa can be extended twice, the first time for 2 months and again for 3 months. The total possible stay in Kenya is 6 months.

Traveling From Portugal to Kenya

The average traveling time from Lisbon, Portugal to Nairobi, Kenya takes approximately 7 hours on a direct flight, while the traveling distance between the two countries is 3,984 miles (6,411 km).

Entering the country with a Kenya e-Visa will also facilitate the process when meeting immigration officials in any of the permitted ports of entry.

It is advised that Portuguese visitors traveling to Kenya have all vaccinations that might be needed to have a safe time during their stay in the country. Yellow fever certificates might be needed in Kenya if travelers of Portugal have visited high-risk countries prior to entering the nation.