Kenya Visa for Saudi Arabian Citizens

Apply for Kenya eVisa
Saudi Arabian passport holders who are looking to visit Kenya are now able to do so much easier. Thanks to efforts from the Kenya tourism ministry, there is no longer a need to visit a consulate or embassy or wait for hours at a port of entry for a visa. Now, Saudi Arabian citizens can apply for a visa entirely online. The Kenya eVisa can be filled out quickly and easily and in just a few days Saudi Arabian citizens can be approved to go on the safari of their dreams and experience Kenya’s bustling and exciting urban life.

For further information regarding what is needed to apply for and receive the Kenya eVisa, continue along to the sections below.

Do Saudi Arabian Passport Holders Need a Visa for Kenya?

Each and every Saudi Arabian citizen is required to hold a Kenyan visa before setting foot in the country. The Kenya eVisa for Saudi Arabia covers every reason for travel so no matter if you visiting for tourism, business, medical, or any other reason, the online visa is the only way to get permission for your visit.

Documents Required for Kenya Visa from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia citizens should be prepared to provide each of the following pieces of personal information required to obtain an eVisa for Kenya while filling out the application for the Kenya eVisa for Saudi Arabia:

  • A Saudi Arabia passport with at least six months validity from the entry date into Kenya
  • A valid credit or debit card as the visa application has a non-refundable fee
  • All of the pertinent details and information from your passport’s photo page. This includes the passport number, the expiration date, as well as the country of origin
  • At least one blank page in the passport so the visa can be applied at the border
  • A recent (last six months or so) digital color photo in the style of a passport or identification card
  • An outline or intended itinerary for the entirety of your time in Kenya. Although it isn’t required that you follow the itinerary precisely, the majority of your planning should be finished before applying for the visa.
  • Proof of onward travel from Kenya to another country
  • A valid email address to receive the approved visa

Apply for Kenya Visa for Saudi Arabia Citizens

The Kenya eVisa application for citizens of Saudi Arabia was designed to be completed as quickly as possible. The application will ask basic questions such as your name and place of residence, as well as more detailed security questions.

Although the application was designed to be straightforward, each applicant must double-check their responses as any incorrectly entered information could be grounds for a denied or delayed visa.

Once the application has been submitted and the fee paid, there is a typical turnaround time of between 4-6 days. In some cases, the traveler will receive a response within just 2-3 days. As there is no guaranteeing an expedited response, travelers should apply with plenty of time so they avoid any issues.

Once the visa has been approved an email will be sent to the email address provided. A copy of that email must be printed out and carried with you to your Kenyan port of entry. This is to ensure that your records match theirs.

Types of Visas for Saudi Citizens to Kenya

The Kenya single-entry tourist visa is the only one available for Saudi tourists. Whether you are visiting Kenya for tourism, leisure, medical reasons, to visit family, or for business, you must select this option while applying. You must enter Kenya within three months from the date it is issued. Once inside Kenya, the visa is initially valid for a stay of 30 days, it can then be extended twice for up to an additional 5 months.

If you leave Kenya and wish to return, you must apply for a separate visa entirely, even if your original visa had remaining validity. There is no online option for a multi-entry visa.

Any Saudi passport holder who is transiting through Kenya does not need a transit visa if they do not intend on leaving the airport, providing that their flight departs Kenya within 72 hours of their arrival. If you endeavor to leave the airport, you must then apply for a transit visa.

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