Kenya Visa for Turkish Citizens

Apply for Kenya Visa

Kenya is one of the top destinations in Africa for tourism due to its wild African safaris and white-sand beaches along its coasts. People from all over the world flock to Kenya to visit this African wonder every year. The government of Kenya has now introduced a new eVisa system which facilitates the visa application process by screening applicants prior to their arrival in the country. This new eVisa system is an efficient way for travelers to obtain a Kenyan eVisa in order to visit the country.

The Kenyan government offers various types of eVisas to accommodate the variety of reasons travelers may have for visiting Kenya. Travelers should read through the different types of eVisas that the Kenyan government offers, in order to better understand which eVisa category will be the most appropriate for their travel needs.

There are three main categories of Kenyan eVisas that travelers can apply for, namely, Business eVisa, the Tourist eVisa and a Family Visit eVisa. These three categories of eVisas each have their own set of documents that will need to be submitted using the online application process to receive the Kenyan eVisa. Therefore, travelers must select the appropriate eVisa category to apply for, as they contemplate their prospective journey to Kenya.

Is a Kenyan eVisa Required for Turkish Citizens?

Applications for the Kenyan eVisa are open to citizens of 141 countries around the world, including Turkey. Therefore, Turkish citizens are eligible to apply for the different Kenyan eVisa types depending on their travel plans. However, there are certain requirements that Turkish travelers will need to meet to ensure a successful attempt at receiving an eVisa.

Turkish travelers must have a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months from the date of their entry in Kenya. They must also have one blank page on their passport for entry/exit stamps and they must be able to show proof of onward journey from Kenya or a return ticket.

Documents Necessary to Apply for Kenyan eVisa

The documents required to apply for a Kenya eVisa vary depending on the type of eVisa being applied for. In order to apply for a Kenyan Tourist eVisa, travelers will need to submit a copy of their passport’s biographical page and a recent photograph of themselves. The photograph submitted online while filling out the Kenyan eVisa applications should adhere to the following specifications:

  • The photograph must be recent. It should be taken within the past six months from the date of eVisa application and must replicate the applicant’s current appearance.
  • It must be a color photo.
  • It should not be a scanned photo. It should also not be a photo of a photo or a photo of the applicant’s passport photo.
  • It must have been taken against a plain white background.
  • It must show the applicant’s face completely from the front.
  • The photo should not be taken wearing any type of uniform. Only casual or standard clothing is permitted for this photo.
  • Religious clothing that is worn daily as part of applicant’s everyday life is permitted.
  • Cannot show the applicant wearing any form of headgear or items that conceal the hairline or hair.
  • Should include items that the applicant wears on a daily basis, such as prescription glasses, hearing aids or wigs etc.
  • Only prescription glasses are allowed. Non-prescription or dark glasses will not be allowed unless they are for medical purposes in which case, a medical certificate verifying the need to wear such glasses may also be required.

If the traveler has recently been to a country where yellow fever is a concern, they will also be required to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate. The traveler will need to travel with this certificate to be shown upon inquiry to border control officials once they arrive in Kenya.

Turkish travelers will need to have all the documents ready to be uploaded or submitted before beginning the Kenyan eVisa application process. This will maximize their chances of obtaining a Kenyan eVisa in time for their travel to the country. For Turkish tourists visiting Kenya, they will be required to provide details of their hotel or other accommodations within Kenya as well as a full travel itinerary while applying online for the Kenyan eVisa.

Applying for Kenyan eVisa from Turkey

In order to apply for a Kenyan eVisa, Turkish travelers will also need to have a valid email address where the eVisa will be sent once the application has been approved as well as valid banking information. The latter is used to make payments to the appropriate Kenyan government agency that approves all eVisa applications.

Once the traveler has ascertained that they have all the necessary documents in place to begin the application process, they can begin by filling out the online eVisa application form. Whilst filling out the application, travelers can expect to provide biographical details such as their name, date of birth, country of citizenship as well as passport information. All necessary documents will need to be uploaded as well to support their request for a visa. The entire process of filling out the online Kenyan eVisa application takes about 20 minutes and is much more efficient than having to visit a local Kenyan Embassy or consulate.

Travelers should be cautious not to include any incorrect, misleading or fraudulent information while filling out the eVisa application form as it can result in delays during the processing of their application including a visa rejection.

After the travelers enter all the necessary information regarding their request for the Kenyan eVisa, they will have an opportunity to review all the information they have provided. They will then be prompted to pay the processing fee and finally submit the application.

If the traveler’s application for a Kenyan eVisa is approved, they will receive their eVisa within 24-72 hours after submitting the online application. Travelers will be required to print the eVisa and take it with them to the Kenyan port of entry to be presented to border control officials upon arrival.

The Kenyan eVisa is a single-entry permit and allows Turkish citizens a stay of 30 consecutive days in the country, it can be extended twice from within Kenya. Turkish travelers that are transiting through Kenya do not need a Transit eVisa if they expect their stay to be less than 72 hours and if they do not plan on leaving the airport during that time. However, if the traveler intends to leave the airport within the 72-hour stay then they will need to obtain a transit visa prior to their arrival in the country.