How to Get a Visa for Kenya and Tanzania

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Visiting East Africa is an incredible experience. You can enjoy beautiful savannah plains, high mountains and see some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world. However, with many border crossings being necessary on safari, lots of tourists ask if it’s possible to get a visa for Kenya and Tanzania all in one?

Some of the most popular safari parks in Kenya cross the international border between the two nations. This sometimes creates a little confusion over the visas needed before arriving in Kenya.

Remember, if you’re visiting Kenya you will most likely need a visa before you travel. Visitors from 148 countries are required to enter the country with a Kenya electronic visa, which allows tourists to obtain a single entry visa online before travel.

So is this enough to go to both countries or will you need multiple visas in order to go on safari? Don’t panic, as by the end of this article you’ll know everything you need to plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip to East Africa.

Do I Need a Visa For Kenya and Tanzania

Simply put, yes. You will need 2 visas to visit these two countries on the same trip. However, because tourists cross borders frequently between both nations they’ve created a few rules to make things easier.

Despite there not being a combined single entry visa for Kenya and Tanzania, you can use either country’s single entry visas to re-enter after visiting the other. Basically, you’ll only need one visa each for Tanzania and Kenya even if you cross the border.

You will still need a visa to enter each respective country, though. In the case of both, this can be obtained either online or you can apply for a visa on arrival. Getting an arrival visa does have a few disadvantages however, as it is more time consuming and is subject to rejection if the right conditions aren’t met. Luckily these requirements are quite easy to meet.

Visa Requirements for Kenya and Tanzania

Both countries have broadly the same requirements, although there are a couple of small differences in their processes. The key things you’ll need to show in order to get a tourist Kenya and Tanzania visa are as follows:

How Do I Get a Visa for Kenya?

Whether you’re applying for a Kenya eVisa or a visa on arrival, you’re going to need the following documentation:

  • A passport with over 6 months validity on the date of entry to Kenya
  • A blank passport page
  • Evidence of onward travel

How Do I Get a Visa For Tanzania?

If you’re visiting Tanzania as a tourist you can either apply for a Tanzania eVisa or receive a visa on arrival. However, in both cases you’re going to need:

Can I Visit Kenya and Tanzania with an EATV?

You may have heard of the East Africa Tourist Visa (EATV) scheme while researching your travel plans. This allows tourists to travel to multiple countries in the region under a single visa. The entry document can be obtained online as well as on arrival and entitles visitors to a 90-day multiple entry visit to up to 3 East African countries.

However, whilst Kenya is a member of this particular scheme, Tanzania isn’t. This means you would still need a second visa for your visit to these 2 countries. Furthermore, the EATV is more expensive than the Kenya visa, so unless you’re traveling to many more countries in the region, it’s more costly than necessary.

While you’re going to need a few documents for your trip to Kenya and Tanzania, getting these online before you travel is a straight-forward and relatively quick process. If you’re planning to visit Kenya with an eVisa, don’t forget to check out the Kenya visa application form before you travel. That way you’ll have everything you need to apply for a visa for the Republic of Kenya prepared in advance.